25 Mar 2015

Spring into a Trash-Free Ocean

Love the sea? How about helping it with a bit of spring cleaning? A volunteer member of the Aquarium's Marine Debris Team holds some of the trash she picked up as a part of a CoastWatch monitoring project. This spring, thousands of Oregonians will migrate to the shore to help the our oceans. For a few hours they remove litter and marine debris from the Oregon Coast. Last year, their collective efforts removed 48,000 pounds

10 Mar 2015

Hello, Harbor Seals!

The Aquarium just welcomed Elvis, Miller and Tater to its Seal and Seal Lion Exhibit to provide youthful energy to its existing, geriatric population. At 19, 20 and 21 years old, the new additions are hardly spring chickens for their species; but compared to the Aquarium’s other seals, the oldest of which is turning 40 this year, they are quite spry. Miller mugs for the camera during his first moments at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.