31 Dec 2014

Top Three Viral Posts From 2014

1. A Whale-Sized Surprise We knew our scientific dive team captured something special when they photographed this orca spy hopping, but we had no idea how many of you would agree! Check it Out!   2. You Otter Kiss Back Nuka made a splash with our Facebook friends when he puckered up for the camera in this video. Check it out!   3.Beached by the Wind By-the-Wind Sailors washed ashore by the millions this summer,

18 Dec 2014

Stranger than Fiction: The Science of Seahorses

These active hunters have no teeth, talons or stomach. Mating rituals start with wrestling. Males give live birth. Sounds like science fiction, right? This animal actually swims in our ocean, albeit awkwardly. Say hello to the seahorse.   Seahorses occupy coral reefs and estuaries in the coastal waters of most oceans. There, they use their prehensile tails to anchor themselves on coral or sea grass to hide from predators and avoid being washed away in